How are copywrights or royalties handled ?

This is generally brought up at negotiation time with the freelancer.

To establish an exclusivity contract or to transfer a copywright, there needs to be a mention in the legal notices (at the bottom of the quote, but you can also create a separate contract if you like). The text is strictly interpreted, anything that is not expressly given away can remain in the freelancer's hands. 

A copywright transfer must imperatively define the field of exploitation by detailing the following points:

  1. The scope : the contract must name the authorized exploitation method(s) (representation if a picture is exposed, reproduction if it is in print).
  2. The destination : the use of the work (e.g. 500 copies of an A3 poster).
  3. The place : details which countries the transfer of copywright will be applicable to.
  4. The duration : you can modulate the duration of the transfer without surpassing the existing duration of rights on the work.

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