Why a minimum Average Daily Rate?

Malt's objective is not only to facilitate and protect the employment of freelancers (secure payment with the escrow account, insurance AXA pro, reputation system ...), it is especially to value the freelancers!

We are a platform with a local logic that allows us to avoid offshore competition and to keep prices down.

Nevertheless, we have observed very low prices among freelancers (50 €, 75 € or even 25€/day) which do not allow to live correctly from one's job in France. In order to avoid a race to the bottom in prices, to avoid beginner freelancers to sell themselves at a loss, but also to maintain the credibility of the platform and its entire community, we decided to set a minimum threshold on the average daily rate posted by profiles in France.

It is therefore impossible to post a price below 125 € if you are located in France. Please note that this is a minimum rate

How was the minimum Average Daily Rate calculated?

We started from the net amount received by a salaried employee at the SMIC in France. Then on the basis of several interviews, we calculated the Average Daily Rate that a freelance must invoice to obtain this same salary while taking into account 

  • Social charges (we took the rate of charge of an auto-entrepreneur, i.e. 24.6%)
  • Various expenses (equipment, insurance, etc.) for about 3000 €
  • Rest days, sick days and days of prospecting that make in fine about 15 days worked per month (253 working days, 25 days of vacations, 4 days of illness, 45 days of prospecting)

To generate a net SMIC when you are an auto-entrepreneur, you need to invoice 22 367€ in 179 days, i.e. 124.96€.

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