Why is the commission 12% if I am a micro enterprise not liable for VAT in France? (France only)
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Why is the commission 12% if I am a micro-business not liable for VAT in France? ūüáęūüá∑

ūüáęūüá∑ If you are a sole trader registered in France, our fees are 10% VAT excluded. These Malt fees correspond to the invoicing of our services (connection, insurance, payment, reputation etc.) and Malt being a Limited Company, we are legally obliged to collect VAT on our services (20%).

This does not change anything for a freelancer in EURL, EI, or SASU. As they collect VAT, they can be refunded this 20% tax, whether it is for their Malt invoices or for the purchase of a pro computer.

For an auto-entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur not liable for VAT, on the other hand, it's different, there are reduced social security charges but it is not possible to collect VAT, so for you the 10% exclusive of tax becomes 12% inclusive of tax (10%*1.2).