Why can't I benefit from the advance payment?

You may not be entitled to the advance of funds for several reasons.

First, your client must be able to benefit from it.

What if you are working with a customer who has a long-term payment system and your VAT is not recognized?

There are 3 possible cases:

  1. If your company is registered abroad, the advance payment service is not available.
  2. If your company is not active, you must indicate an active company in your Malt account to be able to invoice legally.

  3. If your company is registered in Spain, but you do not want your VAT number to be distributed commercially.

When you create your company, you can choose not to be diffusible, i.e. not to show your information publicly.

In this case, our financial partner who checks the existence of your company and its financial health will not find you in their database: therefore, they cannot authorize the advance payment.

For them, it is as if your company does not exist.

How do I make my information public?

You will have to register with Informa so that your information is publicly accessible and our financial collaborator can find you.