Who can use Malt ?

Malt is building the largest community of freelancers in Europe. 

The freelancers on our platform bring together a wide range of skills and expertise that companies—from large multinational companies to fast-growing startups—are searching for every day.

In general, we see the bulk of project proposals fall into the following three categories:

1. Tech and Data

2. Image and Sound

3. Marketing, Communication, and Project Management

The truth is, pretty much anyone can become a freelancer on Malt. Creating a profile is easy and absolutely free.

However, in order to do any work on Malt—and get paid via the platform—you must have your own company setup. It can be an independent business (aka, auto-entreprise), limited company, artist-author, etc. where you are the business owner.

Unfortunately, working via Malt isn't open to full-time, salaried employees, unless you are an independent contractor operating through a wage portage company.

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