Who are the freelancers for my company?

These are all the freelancers who have a connection with you, your team or your organization

  • freelancers currently on a mission on Malt with your company
  • freelancers who have done a mission on Malt with your company
  • freelancers working or having worked - outside Malt - with your company
  • the favorite freelancers of your employees

Thanks to the experience entered in the freelance profiles, Malt also gives you access to people who have worked with your company outside Malt (as freelancers or not).

Who can access these freelancers?

  • All Administrators and Users within a company

  • If you belong to a large group (organization) you have access to the freelancers of your team (entity) but also all those of your organization

A Guest User has the default User role.

Only the Administrators of your company account can change the role of your collaborators.