What if I'm a full-time employee who wants to freelance on the side? Can I still sign-up on Malt?
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What if I'm a full-time employee who wants to freelance on the side? Can I still sign-up on Malt?

The easy answer is: Yes, you can work full-time for a company and also tackle freelance projects on the side via Malt.*

Before doing this, please check the following:

  1. Verify with your employer that your employment contract allows you to do freelance work on the side. In some cases, there may be a non-compete clause that bars you from doing this. That being said, if your company is open to employees having their own "side hustles," be sure to double-check when you are allowed to work on your freelance projects. This typically would be outside of normal business operating hours.

  2. Register an independent freelance business with your local government authorities. Although you may sign-up on Malt, create a freelancer profile, and send quotes to potential new clients while your business registration is being finalized, you will not be able to get paid until you've uploaded all relevant legal documents proving your business's registration into your Malt account. Until that happens, any prepaid funds made by your clients will be kept safe in a digital wallet.

ūüáęūüá∑ Freelancers in France must have an independent freelance business (ex: auto-entrepreneur) in good standing in order to invoice and get paid for their services. Failure to do so falls within the scope of undeclared work (which is illegal).

Your business must be registered with the Centre de Formalité des Entreprises (affiliated with URSSAF) for you to work legally in France.

If you are just starting out, you can begin your auto-entrepreneur registration here: http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/ 

Normally, you will be issued your SIRET/SIREN (business registration) numbers and other documents proving your business's good legal standing within a week or two of your online registration being complete.