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What happens in the event of a dispute?

It can happen that a mission does not go as planned: a different understanding of the scope of the mission, an initial need that is sometimes imprecise, a change in the specifications, diverging points of view during the project, a question of taste, a lack of regular exchange...

In all these cases it is important to re-establish a healthy communication and to find an agreement as soon as possible.

Malt's role

The Malt team is here to help you in the resolution of these disputes: 

  • Re-establish or ensure communication between the different parties 
  • Propose solutions based on our experience 
  • Clarify the contractual rules or possible options 

The contract of the mission (estimate, invoice) is directly signed between the freelancer and the client. This means that the resolution of the dispute is the responsibility of both the client and the freelancer.

Malt is a third party to this contract: our teams are therefore not in a position to take a decision in one direction or the other, to assess the technical quality of a service, to judge the merits of a dispute, to force a freelancer to perform a service or to impose the payment of an invoice on a client.

Get ready

Be prepared to engage in a constructive discussion to find a favorable outcome to your dispute, listen to the position of your interlocutor (what would you do, what would you expect in his or her place?) and be proactive.

It is obviously in our interest to find a favorable outcome to disputes, and we manage to reach an agreement in 80% of the cases reported to our team (which represent less than 1% of the assignments carried out on Malt).

Reimbursement in case of dispute

The insurances does not cover the reimbursement of the mission in case of dispute, and cannot guarantee the freelance to be paid in case of dispute. The insurances that covers the missions are a professional civil liability (more information here).

A Pro liability covers damages that may result from an accident or an error (e.g. an incident that causes a delay in delivery leading to the loss of a contract, a bug that causes a loss of turnover on an e-commerce site). It is not a guarantee of the proper execution of a service or protection in case of insufficient performance or quality.