Is there a service charge for my client?

In order to meet the needs of companies, Malt offers 3 levels of services and associated pricing packages:

  • Standard - 5% service fee
  • Advanced - 7% service fee
  • Corporate - Customized service fee

Depending on your company's pricing plan, your client will have a range of solutions to : 

  • Facilitate their search for freelancers
  • Secure and simplify their missions with freelancers
  • Benefit from support in the use and adoption of Malt
  • Centralize and manage the missions carried out with Malt 

Is there a service charge for my client?

These features are billed as an additional service fee to your client on each mission you complete through Malt. When your client receives their end-of-mission invoice statement, both invoices (freelance and service fee) can be paid at once or separately depending on internal processes.

Some clients, usually large corporations, pay invoices with a minimum delay of one month. At Malt we believe that payment should be fast, that's why we offer the possibility of cash advance.

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