How to choose the right category ?

When creating your freelancer profile on Malt, you need to reference yourself to at least one category and one job in that category. But you also have the possibility to reference yourself to two different categories et multiple jobs within theses categories. 

Specialist or generalist profile?

It is really not advised to reference yourself in multiple categories and/or in different jobs that aren't really linked. Your profile risks to be seen as someone that knows a lot on different subjects but you won't be considered an expert. This misinterpretation might lead the client to choose other profiles with a clear position on one or two clear catégories, especially if these two catégories are linked.

To sum up, positioning yourself as a specialist (1 or 2 categories and 1 or 2 strong expertises) is usually more efficient than positioning yourself as someone with general knowledge (registering in every job that you do/could do). As a general profile you might gain more visibility, but it will be at the expense of the quality of your profile - and consequently mission propositions, especially if the jobs don't have a real link between them.

Main job and skills

Whatever your choice, just know that the first category and the first job you choose will define your category and main job 

They must correspond to your main positioning on Malt, the one you which put forward and has to be coherent with the title that will be shown on the profile 

In addition to this positioning with the category and job, you will be able to underline other competences of your profile in your skills or description that will make you visible for other needs or specialities that could be on the requirements when the search is done.

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