How do Malt service fees work?

Malt service fees represent a percentage of the total amount of the quote (pre-tax) that you send to your clients. This percentage can vary from 0-10% of total project fees‚ÄĒdepending on the nature of your client relationship (ex: Did you invite them to join Malt via Malt Open?) or the longevity of that client relationship.

These fees are automatically deducted by Malt before you receive payment at a project's completion. This is displayed clearly in the quote and invoice that gets sent to your client to ensure that there are never "unpleasant surprises" at any stage of a project. It's worth noting that there are no service fees collected for projects that have been canceled prematurely.

As a general best practice, you should factor Malt service fees into your total proposed project fees to guarantee your desired "take-home" amount at the end of a project. These fees should be taken into consideration when establishing your published suggested daily rate as well.

ūüá¨ūüáß In the UK, Malt does not charge freelancers any commission. Using the marketplace and finding clients is completely free of charge