How do invoices for long-term or recurring projects work?

When creating a quote on Malt, you have the option to propose a one-off project or a recurring project.

Recurring projects are a great option for client engagements that extend over several weeks or months, often requiring freelancers to fulfill specific ongoing tasks over the full duration of the project.

If you choose to go this route, you will need to complete a monthly activity report before the end of the month for the days or hours you worked on that project before marking the month's work complete and sending it to your client for approval.

Once approved by your client, the invoice for that month (based on the actual days or hours you worked) will be processed for payment, and you will be able to start accruing time for the following month for that recurring project.

On the other hand, sometimes there are long-term projects that don't necessarily involve ongoing or repetitive tasks but, instead, can be broken up into key milestones with different deliverables.

In this case, you might find it easier to send separate one-off project quotes for each phase of the project—instead of creating a single quote for the project in full—in order to ensure that you get paid in a timely manner at the end of each of the project's phases.

Long story short: Whether you go the recurring project or multiple one-off project route for your long-term projects with clients, there's always an easy way to manage them on Malt and ensure you get paid without any delays.