How do I invite my clients to work with me on Malt?

Do you work with clients outside of Malt? Whether or not they're already signed up on the platform, inviting them to work with you on Malt means they, too, can benefit from all of our services on the projects you do together. 


The benefits of working with your clients on Malt include:

  • Added peace of mind for all of your projects (ex: RC Pro insurance, guaranteed payments, online contracts, etc.)

  • Reduced time spent on cumbersome administrative tasks

  • Increased visibility to help you find more projects

  • Access to big brands and support from our team of recruitment experts


  • For Freelancers: Reduced service fees in the amount of 2% (excluding taxes) for all projects done with this client

  • For Clients: Absolutely free

Some Corporate Plan clients already benefit from personalized services negotiated with Malt. In this case, the corresponding fees apply.

How to do it?

  • Add your client to your Malt account

From the menu “My freelancer account,” click on “Create a Quote” and then add your client's details accordingly. Your client can later correct or update this information when creating their account on Malt, as necessary.

  • Create and send a quote

Draft your quote and then send it directly to your client for approval.

  • Your client receives and accepts the quote on Malt 

Your client is then notified by email that a quote is ready for their review on Malt. If they don't already have an account Malt, they must create one at this stage before they can accept your quote.  

And then, once the quote is accepted, the project can move forward as usual.