How do I ask my client for a down payment?

If you'd like to receive a down payment before beginning a project—or have the project fees paid in two installments—we recommend creating two separate quotes: one for a down payment (usually 30% of total project fees) and the other for the remaining 70%.

This down payment system can be a useful option for paying freelancers for their work on long-term or higher fee projects—the kind that clients may not want to pay in one lump sum. Also, should a freelancer be required to purchase materials or potentially incur travel expenses, this is a great way to offset those costs right at the project's start.

Whatever you and your client choose to do, be sure to remind them that pre-paying for projects in Malt is the most secure way to work with freelancers. It provides them with a valuable safeguard knowing that project fees will only be released to freelancers once they have marked a project complete. For freelancers, on the other hand, it provides them with added peace of mind knowing that they will be paid at a project's completion—guaranteed.