How can I modify or edit a recommendation or client review?

Unfortunately, there's no way to edit a recommendation or client review after it has been published to your freelancer profile.

However, if you notice that a client review you've received has tons of spelling errors or is overly critical of your work—both of which might negatively impact your reputation or credibility in front of other potential clients on the platform—you can choose to hide it from your public profile.

To do this, simply scroll down to the recommendations section of your freelancer profile and then hover over the client review that you'd like to hide. A "Hide this review" button will automatically appear. Simply click on it.

The same rule applies for external recommendations—as in, those received by people within your professional network who have not necessarily done projects with you on Malt. Except, in this case, you only have the option to delete the recommendation altogether (not hide it).

Keep in mind that recommendations and reviews help boost your reputation on Malt and also earn you points to rise up the ranks of the Super Malter program. Feel free to ask past clients, those who may not have left you a review after completing a project, to leave a recommendation that speaks to your capabilities and strengths as a freelancer.