How can I make my profile visible again before the end of a project?

Are you nearing the end of a project but your status on Malt is still "Unavailable" because you currently don't have the bandwidth to take on other projects – but you'd still like to make your profile visible in Malt search results to get ready to land your next project?

We've got some good news: If you included the date when you'd be available again when changing your status to "Unavailable" and are now within 30 days from that date, you can make your profile visible again in Malt search results by changing your status to "Available Soon" from within your Dashboard.

Confirm your availability

To change or update your availability, simply click on the "Confirm My Availability" button in the upper right corner of your freelancer profile – and voilà, your profile will start to appear in Malt search results once again (under the label "Available Soon").

This will give you a leg up in landing your next project before your current project comes to an end.

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