How to complete my experience to move up in the search engine results?

To fill in the name of the company you worked for, you must pre-select the name of the company in the list of choices offered, your experience will be attached to the entity in question. 

What are the benefits of attaching your experience to a company you've worked for before?

The search will automatically associate you with all freelancers who have previously worked for the same company/group.

Benefits of linking your company to your experience: 

  • Being present in your client's "favorites list": Your profile will be privileged as it will be included in the "Favorites list" of this company's employees and will allow you to be contacted again for new assignments within the group.

  • Increase your visibility in the search engine with potential clients by being associated with the company's employees.

  • Optimize your profile for your future clients by associating it with the group of freelancers who have already collaborated with this company.

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