Can I use Malt with my current clients?

Yes, of course! With Malt Open, you can invite your current clients (who aren't already signed up on Malt) to do work with you on the platform and also enjoy all of the benefits that Malt has to offer: safe and secure payments, insurance, dedicated support, etc.

Plus, at the end of each project you do with them on Malt, they'll be able to leave you a rating and review, which will help boost your reputation and visibility on the platform. Not to mention, the more projects you do on Malt, the more Super Malter status points you'll earn!

And finally, as a thank you for bringing your own clients into the Malt Community, you'll also enjoy reduced Malt service fees on all of the projects you do with them, too. It's a win-win across the board!

How to invite your client to work with you on Malt

  • Go to the Projects tab of your freelancer dashboard

  • Scroll to the left navigation bar and click on "Drafts"

  • Click on the "Create a new project proposal" button

  • Where prompted, add your client's information (first and last name, company, email) in the space provided.

  • Create and send your quote as you normally would.