11 mistakes to avoid on your Malt profile

To stand out on Malt, the Freelance Community team shares some of its tips:

1. Choose a professional picture with color

You will easily understand that you risk getting few missions if you post a picture of yourself at the beach. For a client, your picture is one of the ways to verify your reliability and professionalism

We also advise you to use a colorful image to stand out in the search results and attract potential clients. 

2. The title is important

Having a good title will clearly help you find new projects. 

We advise you to add in your title the technology you master or the expertise that differentiates you. This will increase your chances of attracting clients to your profile when they look at search results on Malt.

3. Detail your ability to travel

We advise you to indicate your place of residence, and then to enter your "mission preferences", i.e. the areas where you can travel. This will allow you to appear in the search results in these geographical areas.

4. The price listed is INDICATIVE

The Average Daily Rate (ADR) that you display on your profile is indicative, therefore by definition flexible!

5. Availability, be accurate

Providing accurate information about your availability works for your reputation and that of the freelancers on Malt. 

In other words, it allows us to attract clients by attesting to the professionalism and quality of the people on Malt. An inaccurate availability can have a negative impact on your conversion rate and therefore make your profile drop in the search results. 

On the contrary, an up-to-date and accurate availability boosts your profile, because our platform will always have an interest in putting forward available profiles! 

6. Do not underestimate your resume

"You in a few words" is one of the parts of the profile most consulted by clients. We recommend that you briefly describe your skills and the type of work you offer, for example using bullet points

This makes it easier for your clients to read your profile.

7. Skills, the more the better

"50 Skills is the limit". The more tags you add to your skills, the more you increase your chances of being contacted by clients. 

We advise you to put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter who is unfamiliar with your job and to insert both general public and expert keywords about your skills (hard and soft skills), deliverables, preferred sectors, technologies, software and tools, technical environment, etc. 

8. Experiences, focus on quality rather than quantity

We recommend that you keep it short and only post experiences that will help you find the assignments you are looking for.

Give preference to the company name in the title. A feature is coming soon to recommend you more to customers, it will use the information entered in "experiences".

9. The power of the portfolio

For certain categories of jobs, in particular for those evolving in design, image and sound, the existence of a portfolio that highlights your achievements increases your chances of contact.

10. Education, it's not just the courses that count

Again, the objective is to reassure customers. Certifications or reminders of your know-how can play in your favor in the "education" section.

11. Languages, check that you have added English

It would be a pity to do without it: you appear in search results in other countries if you indicate "English" or any other in your languages!