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Wage portage
How do I access my Avis de situation au r├ępertoire SIRENE (France only)
Why was my proof of identity refused? (France only)
Does my identity card benefit from the extension of its validity period?(France only)
What happens if my legal documents have expired?
Why were my business's articles of incorporation rejected?
What should I do if my company is still in the process of being registered?
Why do I have to prove my legal status in order to get paid?
What do I have to do if there's a change in my business's legal status?
What if I'm a full-time employee who wants to freelance on the side? Can I still sign-up on Malt?
Why should I provide my ID card and other documents to Malt?
How long does it take for my legal documents to be verified?
The INSEE website says that my business (auto-entreprise) is not available, what can I do? (France only)
Can I do work on Malt if I'm a minor (under 18 years of age)? (France Only)
Who is the legal representative of my company?
I don't have my auto-entrepreneur status yet, can I still sign-up on Malt?
How is the issue of copyright handled?
What is the shareholder declaration?
What does the AXA insurance policy include?
Why were my documents refused? (France only)
Why are my documents no longer valid?
How to register my company on Malt ? ­čç│­čç▒
How to register my company on Malt ? ­čçž­čç¬
Why was my form of identification refused?
How to register my company on Malt ? ­čçÁ­čç╣
How to register my UK company on Malt? ­čçČ­čçž

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