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My freelancer profile

6 tips for landing new projects on Malt
How do I add or change my profile picture?
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How do I create my freelancer profile?
Why a minimum Average Daily Rate?
How do I change the name displayed on my profile?
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How can I make my profile visible again before the end of a project?
I can't find myself in the search results, why?
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How can I access the OpenClassrooms training programs offered by Malt?
How do I prevent my last name from being displayed on my Malt profile?
How to join or create a freelance group?
Why aren't the earnings from a recently completed project reflected in my dashboard yet?
This article does not have equivalent in your language
How to choose the right category?
Why does my profile seem to be hidden?
How to switch from a freelancer profile to a company profile (and vice versa)
Is the profile picture mandatory?
Other Malters in my category advertise with a lower price, what are my chances of being contacted for missions?
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How can I update my daily rate?
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How do I change the order of the images and videos in my portfolio?
How do I change the order of my work experience entries in my profile?
Who can see my personal information?
How do I edit my category?
Attract new clients by optimizing your profile
Mission Preferences
How can I locate myself in several cities at the same time?
My profile does not appear in Malt search results. Can I still be contacted for projects?
Can I import my LinkedIn profile data into Malt?
11 mistakes to avoid on your Malt profile
Link my experience to a company on Malt
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Highlight your professional experience
How do I manage and update my availability on Malt?

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